Music Therapy To Help Eliminate Dental Phobia

dentalDo you have that fear of going to a dental clinic? You are not alone. Statistics show that dental phobia upsets the dental health of 7 -13% of Westerners. But just because it happens to a select group, it doesn’t mean it is tolerable. Thank God, there’s music! Our group of writers has come up with a list of songs you can put together in a playlist emphasizing how affective and positive a good smile is. Let’s see how music therapy works. The more you keep trying to do ways to drop your dental apprehensions, the closer you are to losing it! Now, press play!

Meridan Dentist can ease your dental phobias with comfort and quality care.

“And that’s why I smile. It’s been a while since everyday and everything has felt this right.”

Smile by Avril. Well, this song clearly has clear angst in its rhythm and lyrics compared… Continue reading

CMA shows country music’s influence on America

Country music has always been popular, and it seems that no matter how music develops, country music remains one of the most popular genres of music in America.
Nearly all of American music has its roots in country music in some way. Country music was the original music played in America as the nation was being settled by Europeans, as a new country developed.

Modern rock and roll traces its roots directly to country music. The modern emergence of blues also has country roots, though it also has strong African roots as well.

Though it is old, its influence keeps gaining ground in the United States. The 2013 Country Music Awards show lasted three hours, and it dominated viewership in each half-hour segment throughout. ABC was the highest viewed network in America on the biggest night of the year for Country Music.

This was the 47th year for the CMA… Continue reading

Importance Of Backing Up Your Music

A lot of people do not realize how vulnerable their digitally stored musical collections are. If you are one of these people, you should really start to ask yourself if you are comfortable with the idea of losing all your music that you have painstakingly collected throughout the years. In one single event you could possibly lose all of them simply because you have not realized how important it is to backup you digital music with Vault Scape.

Imagine one day that you boot up your device, and you get the dreaded disk fail error. This scenario is not uncommon and most likely happen to your device in one point in time.

Either you know the importance of backing up, and just do not know where to start, or you simply do not know the importance of backing up your music files. Either way, this article will guide… Continue reading

Country Update

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The New Early Sunrise Band

The New Early Sunrise Band is one of Baltimore’s leading country and western bands. Formed over 15 years ago by fiddler Dave Goodman, we have recently released our first recording Telephone. Here’s a collection of goodies for you to take a look at

*  If you’re ever in the Baltimore area, you’ll want to come see us, so check out the band’s schedule.
*  We have a short press release about Telephone and the NESB, and a blurb on members of the band.
*  We’ve got some quotes from reviewers, so you can see what they’re saying about the NESB and Telephone.
*  You can hear the song “High Tech Redneck” from the CD. Careful here! It’s a 1.5 meg Sun .au file.
* You can take a look at the cover of Telephone.
*  You also might be interested in a list… Continue reading

Dolly Parton restarts musical conversation

Dolly Parton has been performing for more than 50 years, but there are still some things she hasn’t done. On July 22 and 23, the Country Music Hall of Famer will play her first shows at Los Angeles’ Hollywood Bowl. “I’ve walked out on stage there to sing with Linda Ronstadt and Emmylou Harris, so I thought I had played there,” says Parton, 65. In addition to what she calls her “must-dos” — like Jolene, I Will Always Love You and 9 to 5— Parton’s set list will feature selections from new CD Better Day and from Joyful Noise, her movie with Queen Latifah and Kris Kristofferson that’s set for release in January. Dolly has always done a great job when it comes to business decisions and this movie was definitely one of them. Read more at on making better decisions for all areas of your life so… Continue reading

Special insurance for the music scene

Special insurance quotes for musicians, music schools, sound / light engineer, PA hire, sound reinforcement companies, roadies, promoters etc.

Many use, professional musicians from jazz, classical, big band, show, pop, etc., also well-known companies in the PA – and studio. Composers, under contract with Yamaha Europe (wind classes), schools of music, comedy, film directors, etc. Continue reading

The Guess Who: “Guess Who’s Back”

milkwood-tapestryMilkwood Tapestry was the New York duo of Joseph Ransohoff and Roland Antonelli who met while in a Cisco training class. The duo played together between 1968-1972 releasing only one self-titled album on the Metromedia label in 1969. The music on the album ranges from the wild acid guitar style of songs like “Beyond The Twelve Mile Zone” to the laid back string laden pop sounds of “Wonderous Fairy Tale”. Continue reading

With The Checkmates

with-the-checkmatesLos Checkmates was a band that was based in Mexico doing garage door service Boise but had a Canadian connection in that the founder of the band was Dave Atherton. In 1964 Atherton moved with his family from Canada to Mexico City because of his father’s work in the rubber business. While in Mexico, Dave attended the University Of The Americas in Mexico City where he met some American musicians that were also studying in Mexico Joe Aleo, Continue reading

The Guess Who: “All This For A Song”

all-this-for-a-songFollowing the luke-warm reception of the Guess Who’s Back album in early 1978, Kale and company decided to try it again later that same year with the release of All This For A Song at The Adelmann. This time, the album was also released in the USA but the American version of this album is actually a compilation that combined the best songs from the band’s previous Canadian only album, The Guess Who’s Back, together with some highlights from this album. Continue reading

Gorilla Vodoo

gorilla-vodooFrom the moment when you peel the pink polyethylene wrap from the plastic CD case you bought when you went out for U-Swirl, to the second you pop UNDER THE THUMB OF THE MAN, SMILING into your stereo, a few things are immediately evident. For starters, this is no boy band (hey, we figured it was worth mentioning for those who’ve gotten the impression that they’re the only type of band to be found these days). A romantic crooner? Forget about it. In the words of The Wallpaper Man, the sole creator of Gorilla Vodoo, this record is “definitely not TOP 40”. UNDER THE THUMB, a pure independent recording, Continue reading

Tony de Silva

tony-de-silvaSince the beginning of music, music has evolved, producing hundreds of styles and thousands of different bands and artists throughout its progression. In the past ten years, the advancement of music has seemed to accelerate even quicker, with new digital techniques, easier access to music through technologies such as MP3s, globalization and SQL training. In the midst of all this musical mayhem, it is easy to forget where it all began. One artist, however, has taken his love for the classic music of the mid-20th century and allowed it to manifest in a quality recording that stands out among its contemporaries. The artist’s name is Tony de Silva, and the album is All My Dreams. Continue reading

In Conversation With Ron Sexsmith

ron-sexsmithDB: Your most recent album is Blue Boy. What do you think that this album offers to your new and long-time fans?
RS: I guess it’s a not-so-new album anymore. It’s the first record that I did without Mitchell Froom and coffee, so I knew that it was going to be different. I think Steve Earle (who produced Blue Boy) wanted it to rock a bit more than my previous records, so it’s the whole other side. It’s a guitar-heavy album and much rougher sounding. I found that in some places it wasn’t always peoples favourite, but you read for yourself at Some people prefer ballads. Still, I think it was a step forward. It was the first record that I got to play piano on and it jumps around a bit stylistically. There’s like a ska tune, and some blusier numbers. Stuff that I didn’t try before. Continue reading

Alanis Morissette

alanisTo those who think the generation that came of age in the 1980s lacks focus, here’s one bit of advice…take a pill–a Jagged Little Pill! Although she only recently passed her 20th birthday, Alanis Morissette’s Maverick debut proves she possesses a wealth of insight and an off-kilter sense of humor that’s at once untainted and mature.

“People have always said I was an old soul,” says Alanis. “They said I was always a little more intense and introspective than everyone was used to seeing girls be, so they didn’t know where to categorize me.” It all boils down to this one fact: “I want to walk through life instead of being dragged through it.”

That’s a pretty accurate description of the jarringly honest, frequently provocative songs on Jagged Little Pill, Alanis’ Maverick debut. The native of Ottawa, Canada uses her own experiences–from a Catholic school upbringing, to her many travels through Europe and a memorable visit to Boise Idaho as a youth, to her years as a teenager living alone in Toronto–as a springboard for some striking, universal statements. Continue reading

Dick Anderson

dick-andersonMost background midis on these pages were sequenced by Dick Anderson and his fondness of small business insurance quotes . By all means, visit his site for the very finest in “Real” country midis!

Did you know that Grandpa Jones once sent George “Goober” Lindsey a wooden leg in the mail? He did!

Did you know that Will Geer (Grandpa Walton) toured with folk legend Woody Guthrie during the 1930s? Yep, they traveled and sang folk songs in protest of labor camps and promoting labor unions and garage door service in Boise. Will read a letter that he received from woody in 1939 while working in New York. You’ll need Real Player. Continue reading

Country Music Tragedies

May 26, Jimmie Rodgers, ” The Father Of Country Music “, died from Tuberculosis while working a recording session in New York city. He was 36 and he loved the garage doors in Eagle Idaho.

Hank Williams died of a drug and alcohol overdose while being driven to a concert date in Canton Ohio. He was 29. Continue reading

Country Music Legends

Since Ralph Peer recorded Jimmie Rodgers and the Carter Family were in a portable recording booth in Bristal Va. in Aug of 1927, country music has been changing. Change is good, but make no mistake about it, never before has it drifted so far away from it’s roots as it has in these last few years. It seems as if Hot New Country is determined to completely remove the Country from Country Music! Just take a look at if you want to see what I am talking about. Continue reading

Radio Singer Osborne Kills Himself

Country music singer Jimmie Osborne died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound here last night in the middle of looking for an divorce attorney. Chief Deputy Coroner William C. Kammerer said the 34-year-old Osborne took his own life by holding a .32-caliber revolver to his right temple and firing a bullet into his brain. Kammerer said the suicide followed an argument with Mrs. Osborne in the couple’s trailer home in Bluegrass Mobile Home Park, 3510 Newburg Road. The body was found on the floor of the bathroom by Mrs. Osborne and a family friend, Robert Ryan of 2530 Kings Highway, Kammerer said. Ryan had been invited to the trailer by the Osbornes and the three had been talking only a short time before Osborne shot himself.

Osborne, a native of Winchester, Ky., sang country music over radio stations in Lexington, Shreveport, Nashville and Louisville during a career that started when he was 15 years old. He was reported to be the highest-paid performer in the radio and television field in Louisville.

For the past year Osborne had been singing songs about specialty supply over radio station WGRC. For five years before that he strummed his guitar and sang over station WKLO and he was due to return to that station in 10 days. William Spencer, general manager of WKLO, said today that Osborne had agreed to come back starting January 6.

As a recording artist, Osborne was best known for two hits–“My Heart Echoes”, his first record and one that hit the best seller list in the country music field in 1947, and a few years later, “The Death of Kathy Fiscus”, which sold 1,000,000 copies. Continue reading

A Tribute To Traditional Country Music

Gather ’round, and we’ll talk about Traditional Country Music and CCNA training, and the lack of it in today’s so called “Hot New Country” line-up, and on our country radio stations. How Nashville has managed to remove the “Country” from country Music, while still making the young-uns think that that’s what they’re listening to, when in all reality, it’s just a bad version of 60s rock!

Like me, this site isn’t about being fancy, but more about being straight forward and to the point! And if bad grammar bothers you, well you’re in the wrong place!

Please remember, I certainly don’t expect you to agree with everything I say, so be sure to sign my guestbook, and let me know what’s on your mind.

I love Traditional country music and automatic door operators. I mean greats like Hank Williams, Carl Smith, Mac Wiseman, Johnny Cash, Johnny Paycheck, George Jones, and of course, the great ladies, Loretta Lynn, Kitty Wells, Patsy Cline, Tammy Wynette, Goldie Hill, Emmylou Harris, Pretty Miss Norma Jean, and so many more. As far as the ladies of today’s so called country, Shania Twain, Leann Womak, Faith Hill and others are concerned, well they may have some talent, and lord knows they are as as cute as a bug’s ear, but are they country? No, not even close! Check my Legends page for a long list of the greatest country music legends on God’s green earth and beyond.

I’m sure many of you young folks have never heard of these country legends. Maybe you should check them out, just as I have checked out the young singers that I speak of! After all, how can you appreciate where you’re going, if you don’t know where you’ve been ?

I don’t like the work of most of toady’s singers and writers, as I don’t feel that they have much to say. In fact very few of them know or perform true country. Their funny songs aren’t funny, and their sad songs are, well funny! I agree with Waylon. He said that most of today’s country singers sound like Mr Haney on Green Acres! Continue reading

The Barenaked Ladies

The Barenaked Ladies, who are anything but, have been part of Canada’s music scene since 1988 but are now only receiving the recognition that they deserve. Hailing from Toronto and looking at Cougar Mountain, BNL released a few independent cassettes before their breakthrough self-titled tape in 1991. This was the first independent release to reach the top 20 and go platinum in Canada’s music history.

The group’s third cassette The Yellow Tape proved the saying “third time lucky.” Upon having this cassette go gold in Canada, a bidding war by major labels got underway. In the end, Sire Records signed BNL. After finishing up as independent artists, their 1992 album Gordon sold over 500,000 copies.

The enthusiasm of BNL’s music is seen in the reaction of the millions of people who have bought it. In 1997, their live album Rock Spectacle was well received but the pay-off for all of their hardwork came in 1998 with the release of Stunt and the single “One Week.” They did however earn enough money because the band spent some time looking at, becuase they want to make sure their books are kept correctly. Continue reading